The Sterling and Dorothy Strauser Award was presented to Paul on Saturday September 10, 2016 by The celebration of the Arts Festival

The award is to honor those who have demonstrated excellence in the arts and has shared their insights and inspiration by encouraging creativity.

The Monroe County Image Awards presented The Forwardian Film Festival their award for Community Films on Sunday September 11, 2016.



Please Note:

We currently have no listings as many venues have canceled or postponed their events in order to keep their patrons safe due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Please contact the venue while planning to attend their event. And, be safe and well. 


Please feel free to contact The Forwardian Arts Society and ask any questions or share a thought you have about us. We promise to read your words with interest and to tell you everything  there is about us. We'd make terrible spies.

“THE FORWARDIAN ARTS SOCIETY is a fellowship of people who love the arts sharing the belief the arts can inspire our creative dreams to become magnificent worlds of our deepest experiences reminding us who we really are. Therefore, our fellowship shares a desire to support, encourage, and explore the artistic experiences of creative individuals and groups as they go forward toward their dreams.” Mission Statement

A Message From The Forwardian Arts Society 

Dear Friends,

We hope our words find you well. As you may know, The Forwardian Arts Society is a Fellowship for People Who Love The Arts that welcomes all art lovers to be a part of. It began from a desire to provide opportunities to art lovers to participate in the creative community regardless of their social or economic standing. We understand the difficulty some individuals experience when they encounter art related groups that promise opportunities to expand their creative dreams and their appreciation of the arts through all they offer only to discover they are unable to do so unless they pay a membership fee and are able to assimilate into an elite that dominates the organization. 

The Forwardian Arts Society’s goal is to encourage art lovers to follow their creative dreams or desires, support individuals and groups in their endeavors, and to love them through all of their encounters; challenging and/or rewarding. Our fellowship is open to those who express their love for the arts through their talents in the artistic discipline they pursue as well as those who express their love through their desire to appreciate the creativity they experience. The Forwardian Arts Society is free to be a part of as we know the financial situation many people face and we’ll never ask anyone to make a choice between anything they need to pay and being a part of the arts. And, as a fellowship, there is no elitist hierarchy inherent in many groups as everyone and the thoughts they wish to share are of equal importance and are thoughtfully respected. 

We don’t know if we provide to things the groups we mentioned earlier propounds. But, if anyone who comes to our fellowship believes we have something to offer to enhance their talents or appreciation within the artistic community, they can join The Forwardian Arts Society without paying money they might not have to get in or being judged on whether they’re good enough to be in it. If you love the arts and want to be a part of The Forwardian Arts Society, that’s good enough for us. 

In October of the year 2021, The Forwardian Arts Society will celebrate being a fellowship for people who love the arts for 20 years. We’ve held many events like film festivals and art exhibitions and published magazines that informed their readers of upcoming events and shared the creative words and images our creative contributors share with us. All of our endeavors have been free to their audience and participants and we intend that they always will. We are now preparing to celebrate our 20th Anniversary through the enhanced continuation of what we’ve been doing as well as creating new avenues for art lovers to express their love for the arts

Well, that’s all from us for now. Below this message, you’ll discover some special listings relating to what we’re planning to throughout this year and how you can participate. Please feel free to explore these opportunities and contact us for more information. We look forward to hearing from you soon. We’ll keep a good thought for you until then.

Going forwardian with you,

Paul Adam Smeltz

$300 Award: The 2020 Forwardian Film Festival

No Entry Fee. 

Please share and invite: Filmmakers are welcomed to share their cinematic works in The 2020 Online Forwardian Film Festival. The festival takes place from July 15 to the 31st, 2020 with the presentation of short and feature length films. Submissions of films must be received from May 11th to June 30th. Notifications of what films will be included in this year’s festival will be sent on July 10th.

Certificates of recognition are given to filmmakers who are chosen by the audience while a panel of Judges will select films that will be presented cash awards for their cinematic endeavors. The categories for the Cash Awards are:

Best Short Film - $100

Best Feature Length Film - $100

Best of the Festival - $300

All Award winners will be featured in subsequent showings throughout the year (if Possible) in our Forwardian Bestival Tour.

"How to do Banking During a Pandemic" Directed by Rodja Martin Tröscher

Submission to the 2020 Forwardian Film Festival