The final OMN at SOTE Before a New year

An Open Mic for the Solstice at SOTE 

The Art of Holidaying in Stroudsburg


The Bewilderment of the Seasons

A Collaboration is Born

An Inward Journey From One Soul to Another


Hark, The Stroudsburg Herald Begins

The Final Harvest of a Season of Music, Art, and Camaraderie

Polka Dots Below and Solemnities Above at ESU

LUCA At The Farmers’ Market

From Market to Gamut

October Talents Grow on the Farm

Our Visit with Andrei and Other Things


A Collage of Art at NCC

I Sat and Drew Today. Oh Boy.

Dutot in Plein Air: Opening and Closing Receptions

Our Septemberfest Travels

Dutot Photo Jazz Yeah

Surveying 25 Years of Art at ESU

The Fun and Laborious Weekend Adventures of 

Nancy and Paul


A Crafty Festival in a Quiet Valley

Making Connexions in Easton

A Josie Summer Night

Beyond The Bears of Milford

Even Bushkills Get The Blues

Summertime and the Fashion is Easy

The Carrig and Kvarnstrom Duo at the Dutot

An August Art Walk

JULY 2021

Arting up a Farm

Adventures in Art with Nancy and Paul

The Expressions of Beverly at the Dutot

A Charitable Cabaret for the Arts

The Sheilamark Band at The Gazebo

Horizons and a Bag Lady in Honesdale

Going on down to Josie's Farm

Down at the Depot with the SheilaMark Band

A Gazebo of Friends

The 2021 Milford Music Festival

Waiting for Dutot No More

A Gallery Reopens with a Splash in Stroudsburg

The Interdependence of Art

Donna Kallesser and the Chant of Nature

June 2021

Opening the Night at Josie Porter’s

Philadelphia Blooming

Starting a Concert Series Off with a Boom

Farmer Market: Paint, Produce, and Spencer Reed

The Erin McClelland Band at The Gazebo

The Kings of the Queen Came Back to the Green

A Night of Songs, Art, and Pizza at The Josie Porter Farm

Flying Blind in Stroudsburg, PA

White Mills and Beyond The Factory

A Day's Journey

La Cuchina del Gazebo

Wallie at The Depot

MAY 2021

Horizons and a Bag Lady in Honesdale

To Andrei's and Beyond

A Beautiful day to find the Lonesome

The PoconoArts 2021 Members' Show

The Earth Sings Along the River

Rubino at the Market

Upfront and Seasonal

The SheilaMark Band at Shawnee

Thatchertricity at the Stroudsmoor 

A Poe Opening in Canadensis

April 2021

The First Walk of Art

A Council of Earth Speakers

February 2021

A Winterfest Safari

A Winery with Dambrosia