You Can Support Our Forwardian Endeavors Through Donations

The Forwardian Arts Society would like to invite those of you who are willing and able to financially help our fellowship to do things that cost money to accomplish to make a donation . Donations of any amount can be made and would be deeply appreciated. However, those who are willing and able to make a $20.00 to $49.00 donation will receive our weekly newsletter emailed to them and a card entitling them to discounts we’re able to obtain from businesses and organizations . If they’re part of a group or organization, their upcoming endeavors and/or events can be listed in The Forwardian Gazette (our Art News Magazine) .

Our Current Discount

Receive a $3.00 discount off the price of admission to Featured and Headline productions presented at The Shawnee Playhouse .

We welcome those of you who would like to promote the organizations, groups, and/or businesses you’re associated with to add them as items to our list of discounts. We’ll be placing a list in our weekly newsletter as well as in our publications. So, feel free to contact us as we would like to help promote what you do.

Those who are willing and able to make a $50.00 or more donation, will receive everything we listed along with a 50 word listing they can place in The Forwardian Gazette or The Forwardian (our Literary and Arts Magazine).

All donations in any amount can be steered toward an endeavor, event, or friend of The Forwardian Arts Society the financial contributor would specifically like to support. Your contribution can go to our General fund to support The Forwardian Arts Society in all its endeavors which include those that allows it to continue, either or both of our publications (Forwardianand The Forwardian Gazette ) so we may created a printed version of our on line magazines, and The Forwardian Film Festival so we could provide awards to filmmakers and pay other expenses. We also help support groups and organizations who are friends of our fellowship by providing half of the funds we receive from contributors who would like to support them as well. They include The Origins Gallery and The PoconoArts Council .

A Special Note.

While we would deeply appreciate financial support from those who are willing and able to give it, The Forwardian Arts Society is not or ever will be about the money. We appreciate and love all members of our fellowship regardless of their financial status or social standing. Paul never lets us forget how many groups and organizations he encountered told him that they offer something very special that would enhance his life and convinced him that he would be a better person if he joined. However, it was made clear to him that he could not be a part of the group or organization unless he paid a membership fee.

Neither Paul nor we are claiming The Forwardian Arts Society has the properties these groups claim to have. However, Paul and we feel there should be no barriers (financial or otherwise) for those who would like to be a part of our fellowship and what they perceive it can offer them. Everyone is welcomed and we are eager to learn how to encourage, support, and love you as you go forward toward your dreams.

Please feel free to subscribe to our free publications (The Forwardian Gazette and Forwardian), obtain a free listing of your art related endeavors on our What The Forwardian is Happening in the Arts Facebook Group and share your news about a recent accomplishments or other news you would like to share on our Friends who Like The Forwardian Arts Society Facebook Group .

Please note: The Forwardian Arts Society is not registered as a nonprofit or a not for profit entity. Therefore no donations are tax deductible.