Opportunities to Support Our Forwardian Endeavors

The Forwardian Arts Society would like to invite those of you who are willing and able to financially help our fellowship to do things that cost money to accomplish. Donations of any amount would be appreciated. However, those who donate $20.00 or more will receive a One Year Passionate Art Lover Membership and those who can contribute $50.00 or more can be a Sponsor. Here are the details.

Please note: The Forwardian Arts Society is not registered as a nonprofit or a not for profit entity. Therefore all donations are not tax deductible.

Passionate Art Lover Membership

Our Art Lover (Basic) Membership is free and open to everyone who loves the arts and wish to be a member of The Forwardian Arts Society.

Members at the Art Lover Level can subscribe to receive our free monthly newsletter in their email, free listings of their art related endeavors on our What The Forwardian is Happening in the Arts Facebook Group, and an opportunity to share their news about their accomplishments and other news on our Friends who Like The Forwardian Arts Society Facebook Group.

Our Passionate Art Lover (upgraded) Membership receives everything our Art Lovers do plus:

Our weekly newsletter emailed to them, the ability to list their upcoming art related endeavors in our newsletters and The Forwardian Gazette along with Special Discounts.

Live Theater Discount

Receive a $3.00 discount off the price of admission to Featured and Headline productions presented at The Shawnee Playhouse.

If you would like to add your business or service to our listing, please email us.

For those who are unable to provide us with financial support for our endeavors, please know you are highly valued and your good thoughts sustains us.

Forwardian Arts Sponsorships

Those who choose to become sponsors of The Forwardian Arts Society would be entitled to have their or their group's name along with any contact information they would like make public listed in endeavor they're sponsoring, in our website, and on our Facebook Page. A Special discount is available to those who would like to sponsor more than one endeavor. 

Choose Where Your Donation Goes

Yep, you can choose where your donation goes. Your contribution can go to our General fund to support The Forwardian Arts Society in all its endeavors which include those that allows it to continue, either or both of our publications ( Forwardian and The Forwardian Gazette) so we may created a printed version of our on line magazines, and The Forwardian Film Festival so we could provide awards to filmmakers and pay other expenses. Here are the methods of payment that are available.

Those donations of $19.00 or less can still decide what endeavors they would like to support. Just contact us and let us know where you want your contribution to go.